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- How can Pumpcoat help your Hydro Unit?

Wicket Gate Manufacture & Refurbishing Gate Link bushings Control Ring Coating
Head Cover
Repair & Coating
Wicket Gate Refurbishing
Pumpcoat's expertise in manufacturing  & refurbishing of parts has enabled us to work on a variety of hydro turbine parts. We have created new parts from samples, refurbished & coated ones taken out of service, performed repairs via welding & metal-stitching, coated parts for repair & erosion control. Work can be performed on site at the customer's dams or service at one of our machine & coating shops. Our attention to quality & detail and eye on the bottom line ensures that our customer will get a quality finished product, often at a cost savings over new pieces.

Hydro-turbine parts manufacture or repair available for a wide variety of parts:

    • Wicket Gates
    • Gate Links
    • Bushings
    • Control Rings
    • Control Arms
    • Runners
    • Penstocks
    • Shafts
    • Turbine blades
    • Trash Racks
    • Downdraft tubes
    • Head Covers
courtesy of the Army Core of Engineers
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