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Pumpcoat is a representative for Neptune Research's Pipe Wrap systems. These unique systems are cost effective, long lasting and durable alternatives to repairing leaks or weak areas, corrosion damage, pitting or other problems found in pipes. There are products that can be used on pipes both under pressure and not; in and out of service, and in many cases the repair area will be stronger than the original pipe.
Pipe wrap cures quickly. Kits can be purchased for your maintenance people to do repairs in-house, or Pumpcoat personnel are trained and available to come on site for a turn-key repair. These kits are excellent to have in your stock room for emergencies.

Please check out the following Videos on how versatile the Pipe Wrap products are (note clicking on the video links will take you away from Pumpcoat to the manufacturer's website)


Syntho-Sleeve® Outer Wrap is designed to protect welded field joints on pipelines from the abrasion stresses and scarring of directional drilling and boring. Syntho-Sleeve provides mechanical protection to the preapproved corrosion coating of your choice, such as viscous elastic coatings, epoxy coatings, shrink sleeves, and cold applied tapes.


    • Horizontal Directional Drilling
    • Boring
    • Coating & Coating Protection
Syntho Sleeve Installation Video (click to start)
Syntho-Glass® is a patented fiberglass pre-impregnated composite that is activated by salt or freshwater. It is ready to use and does not require any measuring or mixing. This system, when used with the appropriate primary sealant, enables you to repair and reinforce virtually any diameter pipe in minutes. Syntho-Glass not only restores a pipe to its original psi rating, but actually can make the repair area stronger than the original pipe, reducing downtime, saving in parts and labor. With an initial setting time of only 30 minutes (75°F/24°C), Syntho-Glass is excellent on copper, steel, SS, PVC, FRP, clay, concrete, rubber, and more. It is safe to use, nontoxic, noncombustible, and odorless. Syntho-Glass is a versatile solution for industries where quick-action repair can be critical.
Syntho Glass Applicator training Video (click to start)
  • Impact protection
  • Emergency repair
  • Corroded pipes
  • Irregular pipe fittings
  • Force mains and gravity lines
  • Joint and tee repair
  • Underwater repair and splash zone
Syntho-Glass®UP (Under Pressure) Repair System was specifically designed for under pressure leak repair applications on copper, steel, SS, PVC, FRP, concrete, rubber, and more. This complete system offers the geometric flexibility to repair joints, tees, couplings, and pinholes. It simplifies the application process and is prepackaged to accommodate pipes up to 10” in diameter. Larger repair applications can be engineered if needed.
  • Applications: Under-pressure Leaking joints & Pinhole leaks
Under Pressure Leak Repair Video (click to start)
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