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Making Electricity isn't what it used to be.... With today's slim budgets Power plants are aiming to get the most out of what they have. That's where Pumpcoat can help. With almost almost 2 decades experience in the power industry, we can keep your building, pumps and systems going. We offer budget friendly maintenance & repair solutions and the ability to solve many problems faced by Facilities Maintenance Operators and Plant Engineers.

Call Pumpcoat today to help you with many of your systems & equipment maintenance and repair problems:

    • Ash Systems parts, valves & gates
    • Traveling Water Screen repair
    • New Pumps & Parts (OEM and Aftermarket)
      • Hi Flow pumps
      • Chemical pumps
      • Sump & Slurry pumps
    • Pump Repair
    • Specialty parts for aggressive and high wear applications
    • Valves, Couplings, Bearings
    • Epoxy flooring & Containments
    • Engineering
    • Cooling Towers
    • Tank Coatings, Linings & Repair
    • Intake Canal Coatings
    • Pipe Coatings & linings
58Hx High Flow Circ Pump
Knife Gate for Ash System
Before: Hole in Condenser Waterbox After: Hole Repaired with Epoxy Pumpcoat in Action:

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Hole in Condenser Waterbox Hole Repaired

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